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I love calls about spanking

One of the more popular calls we phone sex girls get is for spanking. Once in a while we get a more dominate guy that wants to spank us, but the majority of spanking calls are from guys that want to be spanked themselves. Many times the roots of spanking fetish go way back, often to an early incident where they were caught masturbating and then punished for it and it's had lifelong effects on them. Other times the root for spanking desires is from corporal school punishment in the years of sexual awakening.

Some spanking fetish callers are happy with a mild spanking, others are heavy into belts, paddles, and even whips and floggers, that can leave marks for days on end and make sitting down an uncomfortable proposition. Some you can actually hear hitting themselves on the phone and they will even ask you to count the whacks as they hit themselves. One dozen smacks on each butt cheek! It can be fun to get them to wallop themselves time after time and they seriously get off on the self inflicted pain they are giving themselves you are directing.

Some might be surprised men are calling up for spanking instructions, but it's one of the most common fetishes we deal with. I swear many would be happy if we left welts on them they get so excited by it. Some like a firm spanking before say getting it with a strap on, a warm up of sorts to a submissive evening of the woman taking control of them in every possible way. Face sitting might be another thing they adore, being smothered by their Mistress. Forced bi can also be an activity they enjoy, bringing in another man to show them who's boss and turning them into their bitch.

Spanking and other types of submission get many men aroused, chastity devices may come into that for some as well. The denial of orgasm by being in lockdown can do a lot for a man's temperament, as many dominant women know. They will be more attentive and submissive when you literally hold the key to any pleasure in your hand and they cannot have access to it in any way. Keeping a man controlled can do wonders for a woman. Keeping them in line by spanking and using chastity devices may benefit your relationship tremendously. So many call wearing the chastity devices to further tease themselves and they cannot masturbate when they talk to us.

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