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Have you ever heard of Abasiophilia?

Have you ever heard of Abasiophilia? Likely not, it's not a very well known about fetish, but there are fans of it out there. It's a fetish where one likes to have sex with ones that have a physical disability, especially ones with crutches, leg braces, body casts.One caller used to love to talk at length about his fascination to be with women in full length leg casts and body casts. They were in effect totally immobilized and couldn't move. He'd tickle their feet and have sex with them in the body casts opening in their private area.

Another caller is very much into people that had Polio and have to wear leg braces to make up for their weakened leg muscles. The click of the braces as they hobble down the walkway is as arousing to him as a woman in the throes of orgasm! Some into this fetish go so far as to have their own custom made leg braces made for their personal roleplay sex sessions, either to wear themselves or have their partner wear.

Most people would desire a healthy, flexible partner, but ones into this fetish like the immobility aspect. That movement is restricted, using wheelchairs as props for their sexual encounters, even going to neighboring towns where they aren't apt to be seen by people they know and using a wheelchair and pretending to be crippled. It's quite an elaborate roleplay they go to and with a complete backstory to explain their predicament to others. Since the eradication almost of Polio in most developed countries now makes seeing actual people with leg braces a rarity, most into this are older, over fifty, who had a trigger incident when they were young that planted the seed of this in their mind.

One man said the prettiest girl in his class had suffered from Polio and needed leg braces, and this planted a seed of a lifelong sexual obsession with women in orthopedic appliances, and he himself had custom leg braces made for himself he wore in towns where no one knew him to get sympathy and attention. It's odd all the things you hear on the phone, all the different scenarios you'd never in a million years think of on your own that some callers have been playing out for decades as part of their sex and masturbation lives. Imagine some men thinking they'd rather see you come to bed with leg braces and crutches than sexy lingerie, it takes all kinds, that's for sure.

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