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Adult baby callers

What is an adult baby? ABDL stands for adult baby diaper lovers. Some guys find comfort in going back to an earlier time, a much earlier time, when they had no cares, no responsibilities, someone cared for them completely in every way, from changing their nappies to feeding them and tucking them in at night. Adult babies can fall into slightly different categories. Some wear nappies and just wet in them, others soil them too, some just cum in them as they masturbate. Some like to be changed after they've made their mess and feed a bottle, taking it all the way back to infancy.

Many into this fetish are disturbed by it and have even sought psychiatric help, usually to no avail. They cannot keep away from it and the comforting feeling of a warm, wet diaper just proves to be too appealing to them. Some have called so worried about their wives or girlfriends finding out they have this fetish they will only indulge in it while out of town on business trips. They want no chance for their secret to be exposed, since they know many would find this fetish so distasteful they'd end a relationship over it.

The internet has helped bring ones together that have fetishes like never before. Imagine before the internet, how would you even find others of like mind to talk to about it, maybe a classified ad in some publication might have a brochure or meeting if in a large city, but most would have no one to discuss this sort of thing with. Phone sex operators hear from ones dealing with all kinds of different fetishes and interests, so you cannot shock us. Some girls even specialize in adult babies and being a phone sex mommy or nursemaid to them.

Some adult babies if discovered have made up tales of medical issues to explain their "need" to wear diapers, and most do not question it. Some do enjoy full on baby talk, but not a lot of them, many are just into the diapers and going in them. Adult diapers aren't cheap, so a truly dedicated adult baby spends on his fetish and is usually pretty hush hush about it. It's not easy to find a woman that's going to be interested in that fetish and want to change her boyfriend's dirty diapers, most would be horrified at the very idea of it, that's why most keep it as secret as possible.

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