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One thing most people wouldn't pay a second thought to is adult virgins.

One thing most people wouldn't pay a second thought to is adult virgins. Adult virgins call phone sex lines in many cases since masturbation is their only sexual activity, and their only sexual contact with women. This isn't to say most callers are virgins or anything of the like, but they do find their way to lines like this to help enhance their masturbation routine, since real life prospects of actual sexual interaction are slim to none for them. It can be kind of sad to hear a man in his twilight years say they've never had the chance to be with a woman. They might be too shy or afraid to employ the services of an escort, so they make do with phone sex and masturbation.

Not everyone gets along easily socially, they are just awkward and socially inept in some cases, so the years pass and they do not advance like most people do and have relationships and marry, they get stuck in their holding pattern of being alone and masturbating and there they stay, sometimes for their entire lives. Callers like this tend to like to hear about the real life sexual exploits of the girls they are calling, how many men have you been with, how often do you get to have sex, all kinds of personal and intimate questions, since they themselves will never have anything like that. They like to live vicariously through the operator they are calling, and many callers like to believe most women doing this job are quite promiscuous, it heightens it all in their eyes.

For many phone calls are it for them, there will never be anything more. Many times even if a girl recommends they seek an escort to get over this great hurdle in their sexual and emotional lives, they often have one excuse after the other as to why not to do it. They get comfortable being in a state of want, that is what is familiar and comfortable to them, to upset that would be uncomfortable and different for them, so best just to stick to the phone sex and masturbation they are comfortable with. We are here to listen, to help you masturbate and have the best orgasm we can, so if you are an adult virgin looking to spice up your solo masturbation routine, give phone sex a try, we think you'll be happy that you did!

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