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If your partner isn’t willing to try anal

Anal stimulation is a growing trend for men as they masturbate and have sex. The whole trend towards anal started a couple of decades ago when porn and VCR's first made their way into our homes and anal sex became more popular. Only a few decades ago it was not as common for people to have tried it, but the availability of porn in our own homes made it seem more normal and acceptable and the frequency of ones trying it increased and now more have tried it than not. It's not for everyone of course, but many find carnal delights in a nice, juicy ass. Would you like me to bend over so you can worship my pretty ass and run that tongue up and down in between.

Anal sex isn't just a woman allowing a man to anally penetrate her, the use of strap ons being used on men has increased as well as they became more comfortable with stimulation in the anal area. Not all of their partners are ok with doing that though, a submissive woman is not going to feel comfortable doing that, so men often resort to using anal toys, prostate massagers, dildos when they masturbate it they are seeking that sort of pleasure rather than ask their partner if they know that topic is not apt to be warmly received. Many callers even mention using their wife's vibrators and of course the wives have no clue they are sharing their sex toys and their husbands are using them anally as they masturbate. Anal beads are also popular and available in many different sizes, but beads seem to be more a couples activity and not so much used alone.

The anal area has many thousands of nerve endings and lots of people find that very pleasurable. Strap ons, prostate massage, some even venture into analingus, licking and kissing the anal opening. Rimming started off mainly as a pleasure of the gay community, but others have found the naughty activity very arousing and include it in their sexual repertoire. If your partner is willing to try, you could both have a sexy bubble bath beforehand to get extra clean before you let your tongues wander into uncharted territory. So if backdoor pleasures are what get you going, why not call up one of our delightful ladies and have a naughty talk about how you like to enjoy your backside being toyed with.

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