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Not all men are fantasizing about normal, penetrative sex as you might imagine. Lots of times first sexual experiences didn't involve penetration, so the fun times and fond memories of those incidences can be arousing later in life, even when there is normal intercourse going on. All body parts are fetishized by someone. The term "bagpiping", is a comical one, because there's no musical instrument involved here, that's a man wants to places his penis under a woman's underarm and have relations with it! Most have heard of a tit wank, that's pretty well known about as the most common form of non penetrative sex.

Lots of men, most even, are very much fans of larger than average sized bosoms and they love to lay their manhood between them and have a good old time as they or the lady squeeze those breasts together and perhaps a bit of oral gets involved as well as their penis is thrust up under the lady's chin. That is pretty common, but the underarms is a bit unusual of a choice, but not as unusual as the crook of the elbow or the back of the knee can be. Many might even think these cannot possibly be real examples of things men actually do, they are just too out there and bizarre, but they do happen.

Some girls will allow a man to penetrate her anally, yet not vaginally to preserve their virginity, more common in cultures where a high value is placed on virginity and no sex before marriage, but anal is a lot more intimate than vaginal. Ideas like this, where they will do anything to preserve the actual hymen are liable to give rise to more unusual forms of sexual behaviours, such as the non penetrative sexual acts. Some Muslims do what is called "thighing", where they place the penis between a woman's thighs and ejaculate there rather than in the vagina, since sex during a woman's menstrual cycle is forbidden.

There's all kinds of interesting things out there is you look. Men into very obese women, usually ones over four hundred pounds, the woman's navel will actually become deep enough that they can penetrate that and it is just as deep as a vagina. They can also lay their penis between rolls of fat and cum that way. It doesn't take much searching online to find a whole host of odd sexual practices that are going on well outside the norm.

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