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The boss spanks me a few times a week, and I love it!

Recently I started working at a new place and I liked the boss very much, he was a nice man and quite handsome. I didn't think anything would happen between us though since he was the boss and him dating an employee wouldn't be looked on well by the other staff members, but I soon learned the interest was mutual. He asked me to stay late after work one night and I assumed it was to talk about some new upcoming project, but he asked me if I'd like to earn a bit more money by doing some "extra things." I wasn't quite sure what he had in mind, so I asked and he said he liked me and he wondered if I might be interested, but he just wasn't sure. He then asked if I allowed him to spank me a few times a week for some extra money if I'd be agreeable to that.

I was quite speechless, I hadn't thought of anything like that being offered, but I certainly could use the money, so I agreed. He said good, we can begin right now. I must have looked surprised, since he laughed and said it would be ok. I tried to relax as I got up and walked over to him. He asked me to lean over the desk and I could feel my skirt being raised from behind and he pulled my panties down and exposed my bare buttocks. I braced myself. I was delivered a dozen, hard, crisp, spanks across my bottom and I yelped with every smack of his hand reigning down upon my flesh, which was surely now dark pink and marked with hand prints. When he stopped I pulled up my panties and pulled down my skirt and rubbed my behind a bit. He said he'd enjoyed that a lot, and apparently he'd already expected I'd say yes, since he took an envelope out of his desk drawer with cash already inside of it. I looked in the envelope, this had been well worth my time in allowing this. I said goodnight and left.

A few days later I was after work again and alone in the office and he called me back to his and I had a feeling another spanking was going to happen. He had under his desk a gift bag from a local lingerie store and he handed it to me and told me to go into my office to change and come back in. I took the bag and returned to my office. There was a beautiful emerald green satin corset and matching panties, black seamed stockings and a new pair of high heels. I got undressed and put them on. I'd wished I'd had a full length mirror to admire myself in, since it was a lovely and sexy outfit.

I walked back into his office and the look on his face meant he approved of how I looked in the outfit. He asked me to turn around so he could admire the view from all angles and he said I looked gorgeous. This time he had me lay over his lap and he spanked me that way. He didn't pull my panties down, but they were fairly thin satin fabric, so it stung just as much regardless. I could feel his erection through his pants on my tummy as I was laying across him. He brought his arm back and then smacked my bottom a few dozen times. Goodness he smacked so hard I didn't think I'd be able to sit for a few days. I was again rewarded with a nice envelope of cash. The lingerie was a nice bonus I'd not counted on either, and heels as well.

A few days later he was apparently getting bolder, since he said he wanted to spank me when the others were outside his office, and I was afraid they'd be able to hear the spanks, but I agreed to go along with it. He often had a television on in his office and he turned it up a bit, it was always on a news station and I braced myself for more spanks while leaned over his desk and he gave me around ten of them. I walked back out with some files a few minutes later and no one seemed to be looking at me strangely, so I assumed they didn't hear the spanks going on.

I have no idea how long this little spanking relationship of ours will last, but I'm grateful fort he extra income and I honestly do not mind it. It's not like anything I've ever had before at any other work place, and I hope things progress just from spanking, since as I said I do like my boss and hope for some kind of involvement down the road, but it seems to be just spanking at the moment. We will see how it progresses.

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