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Many times they are fantasizing about the MILF next door.

Most of us assume men are fantasizing about younger women, the nubile college girl, the sexy girl next door, and that's not to say they aren't, but some are thinking in the opposite direction. When men are younger, many times they are fantasizing about the MILF next door, the mother of their friend, the sexy, experienced older woman. Sometimes they don't grow out of that and they are attracted to ones quite a bit older. One caller recently told me about a co worker of his that's in her seventies and he finds her very sexually appealing, he's in his forties, and he fantasizes about going over to her home after hours and getting it on.

He has some work to deliver to her and he stops by after work to give her the files he's finished working on and she lives alone and he is invited in for coffee while he's there and things quickly get hot and heavy between the two. Some men truly do not care about age, it's the person they are attracted to, age doesn't factor into it, but that's fairly rare, for most age is important for a long term relationship. If a woman is post menopausal, starting a family with her the natural way is not an option, so most men will go for someone their own age or younger than themselves. For just a romp though, that is a different story entirely, and they may fine the decades of experience an older more mature woman can bring to the table suits them just fine.

One man that liked really older women told me how he even liked if they had false teeth, since they could remove them when performing oral sex and how much better that felt. Now there's a visual! Another caller that had a romp with an elderly person was the one that delivered her meals on wheels and he was the volunteer driver and used to make deliveries to her home a few times a week, and one night she asked him to come inside and she let her robe slip open and she showed him the goods and they had a few hours of fun, and while he enjoyed it, he didn't want to repeat it, so he never again went inside when he delivered, even though the poor old gal made it clear she'd like a repeat of the one time incident. So if you've had a sexual experience with a much older woman in her twilight years, feel free to tell us phone sex girls, no doubt we've heard lots of similar tales.

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