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Calling different ladies depending on your mood is quite normal.

It's surprising how many people think phone sex is a thing of the past, when it's alive and well. Not everyone is all excited about two dimensional and non interactive entertainment like porn. That personalized experience you get with a back an forth verbal engagement is like no other way to masturbate. An orgasm might still be an orgasm and technically feel the same, but with no emotional engagement, it's just like a physical release, nothing more, like a big sneeze! When you have that back and forth talking and visualizing your fantasies as you talk about them with another person, it's a whole different level of enjoyment.

Some callers in particular like to hear their first name repeated back to them a good deal, it really can make it a more intimate type of call, others are happy with sweetie, honey, baby type of endearment words. People really have no idea how many men are, especially married ones, yet they do not all feel comfortable to seek out girlfriends on the side or visit escorts, so they turn to phone sex, which is an intimate experience with another person, yet not physical, no danger of disease or pregnancy, it's safe.

Spicing up your masturbation with a call once in a while can be a lot of fun, and calling different ladies depending on your mood is quite normal and popular. You aren't always in the mood for the same anything, moods change, desires change, so it's only natural to try and sample what everyone has to offer and who gets you going that particular evening. Or afternoon if you're taking a little masturbation break at work, which you'd be surprised how many do. We'd all be a lot less stressed if we took masturbation breaks at work!

There's more ladies than ever offering phone sex services, so you have a greater variety than every before of ladies to choose from. Some men will wander away if they have a girlfriend that really likes sex, but once the relationship ends or cools, back they come to the phone lines and say, "You probably don't remember me, I used to call a few years ago, I got into a relationship, but it's ended now, so here I am." We cannot even count how many times that happens. For some, we are their only contact with women of a sexual nature, for many different reasons. So if you're new to the world of phone sex, or just got out of relationship and haven't called in a while, the ladies are still here, still waiting for your call. Why don't you see what you've been missing and give one a call?

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