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The "girl with the surprise" is growing in popularity.

One thing many callers mention is an interest in trannies and shemales. The "girl with the surprise" is growing in popularity like never before. So many have asked if I've been with a shemale or tranny. I'm sure there must be some gals into that sort of arrangement, but it's certainly not an interest of mine. Many callers will claim they went to a bar and were coming on to a lady there, then either went back to her place, or the lady to theirs, and when they were kissing and touching, they quickly realized there was more going on than they imagined under that skirt.

Sometimes they were shocked, horrified and angry and stormed out, but more often than not, they were surprised, but not turned off, they ended up experimenting for the first time in their lives, and they liked it and couldn't wait to repeat it. Imagine going home from a bar with what you thought was a pretty lady, maybe a bit taller than the average gal, and kissing on her sofa, reaching under that skirt and oh my goodness, what is that??? Ohhh, you hadn't bargained on that! They are a good kisser though, and they really are pretty and feel good, hmm, why not just continue and see where this leads?

Have you had any similar experiences when you went out? We phone sex gals have heard all kinds of stories that guys have gotten themselves into, many surprise ones as well, where things took an unexpected turn so to speak, so the evening went an entirely different direction than they had been anticipating. They could have gone to that same club for years, but it was that one night, that one "special" person, that encounter that made things entirely different than they had ever been before, and they just let it unfold and see what happened, and many times they enjoyed the experience even though they sure had not set out that evening looking for it.

Have you maybe been curious about trannies and shemales and watched some tranny porn already as you masturbated? The chances are pretty high that you have. Most men do like to surf around and try different types of porn to see what turns them on, and many times things will turn them on that they didn't expect would. Other times they know for sure this is not an interest and don't even go there, but sometimes the oddest things can turn us on. Call and tell us what shemale or tranny experiences you have had.

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