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Why do some guys like cbt?

One thing that will always remain a mystery is why some men really enjoy torturing their own penis and testicles. Some really do get off on inflicting pain upon themselves and many will call into phone sex lines to get instruction on how to do even more or more creative ways. They will often be banging away on their manly bits with shoes, wooden spoons soaked in water, all kinds of things to really hurt their most delicate bits. One man used to call in and wrap as many as a dozen tight rubber bands around his testicles and wait until they'd turn purple then start smacking them hard with a shoe. He would often say blood would come out when he finally ejaculated.

Candle wax is another thing they use on themselves, dripping drops of melting wax onto the head of their penis, yelping in pain as the heat radiates throughout their genital region, not easy to get it off, either, flaking that off bit by bit can be time consuming and highly uncomfortable. Some would ask me my most cruel things could do to their wee wee's and I'd say well, bring along some hot sauce and a cotton swab, dip it in the hot sauce and stick that down your shaft and twirl it around, they'd be feeling that for a few days, let me tell you!

Another liked it when I mentioned a mascara wand dipped in icy hot muscle gel, he was yelping in pain as he worked that up and down inside of himself. Some like to share particular experiences they have actually had. One man told me a story but I didn't think it was true until he also sent me a picture. His girlfriend had tied a plastic bucket to his genitals and started to fill it up with water. Now a filled bucket weighs over thirty pounds, and it was half way filled, imagine over fifteen pounds of weight tugging at your penis. He was telling me all these crazy things she did to hurt him and he was of course very aroused as she did, getting off on the pain. Many times they tell you as they are masturbating it hurts too much to cum, they don't think they can, but you just have to push them and they can cum, if there's a drop or two of blood, oh well, they asked for it!

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