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What does CEI stand for?

One thing a great number of men enjoy is eating their own cum. CEI stands for cum eating instructions, and some truly enjoy consuming their own jizz after they masturbate. Many see true instructions of unusual ways to do it, they like the challenge we girls give them. Some will cum into a shot glass and swill it down. Others will masturbate up on their haunches with their legs over their head and ejaculate into their own mouths, some that aren't quite as flexible and able to get their penis close enough to their mouth will even use a funnel. Hold the tip of the funnel in their mouth and shoot their load into the funnel so it goes directly into their mouth.

Some just do the basic scoop it up with their fingers after they've shot their load on their chest and tummy and lick it off of their fingers. Some that are lucky enough to have been able to cum with a woman, if they ejaculated on her tits they will lick it off. Many are into the ultimate, the cream pie, licking it out of the woman after they have cum inside of her. Some are such cum aficionado's, they aren't even particular about who's cum they are licking out of her and are happy to have the cum of another man be their gooey feast.

Many men think we ladies are impressed with ejaculations of a tremendous volume and even go so far as to take herbal supplements that are specifically designed to increase semen volume. I know some women must be into that, but it seems men are more impressed with their ejaculation abilities than any woman and they think more is better. Get out the raincoats! Some of the more bizarre things men have told me that had cum fetish were they shot it on popcorn and ate it, froze it in ice cube trays and added cum cubes to their drinks, to shooting it on strawberries like cream. Now that's dedication and creativity for sure.

Some have never even tasted their own cum, and others would cry at the thought of so much as a single drop going to waste. It's harmless, it's not battery acid, it's normal to try it once or twice, but on a regular basis I'd say you have a bonafide cum fetish if it's on your favourite drinks list. Hopefully you can find a naughty lady friend that is just as into being covered with cum and consuming it as you are, bottoms up!

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