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So many callers fantasise about their wives cheating on them.

So many callers fantasise about their wives cheating on them. With a coworker, a neighbour, a friend of theirs, all kinds of different scenarios men come up with. It's perplexing why so many men have these fantasies about their wives. They like to think while they are hard at work their wife is in bed with another man, or while she's away on her business trip, she's actually sharing a room with the coworker she's traveling with. A few callers even have a fantasy where they call their wife and realise as the conversation is going on that she's having sex with another man as they are speaking, but trying to conceal that fact.

Slowly they can tell from the pace of the breathing, the fact that it sounds like they are not alone, from the speech pattern that doesn't sound normal, they quickly conclude that their wife has another man inside of her at that exact moment and they are shocked, turned on, in a state of disbelief. Asking her to confirm or deny such an action, and at first she denies it, but it's soon impossible to when the breath gets caught in her throat and the breathing becomes ragged and hurried.

They know they are being cheated on and the wool pulled over their eyes, and they love that their woman is being such a blatant slut. She's just so horny, she cannot control herself and he is no longer enough for her, perhaps he never was, perhaps he's got a small penis and this has been the way of it since day one, yet only now is he figuring out how he's been cheated on and he feels like a fool, yet still, he is greatly aroused by her actions.

The callers will ask us, people who have never even met their wives, if we think she's cheating on them, it's like they are seeking some kind of confirmation of the fact, even though we could never possibly know what she's up to or with whom. It just gets them going and they are soon in a masturbation frenzy as they stroke themselves thinking of what a naughty, cheating slut she really is behind their back. They know they are not enough to satisfy her, so why shouldn't she cheat on them, it's practically her right to do so, and they accept it and look forward to learning more of what she's been up to.

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