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Confessing their naughty deeds.

Confessing their naughty deeds to someone is quite important for many phone sex callers, they know they can't tell their partners, and they certainly cannot tell their friends, so who exactly are the naughty men out there going to unload their sordid little secrets on, why their friendly, understand phone sex operators. Masturbating in public is a thrill a great many men indulge in. Some have confessed masturbating in the library underneath the table as they looked at the pretty, yet conservative looking librarian wondering just what kind of naughty lingerie she might be wearing underneath her conservative outfit.

Others are even more bold in their choices. With the proliferation of security camera in today's world, the public masturbators have to be a bit more cautious in their choices of locations, as they don't wish to appear on the evening news with a screenshot of their public lewd behavior. One caller in particular has a penchant for choosing unusual locations not apt to have cameras. A second hand thrift store is one place he has wandered the aisles as he masturbated and looked for unsuspecting women to stroke himself in front of, another place he mentioned was a pancake house restaurant, neither would be the sorts of places you'd find cameras in use, so he felt them secure enough spots to masturbate in and catch a few shocked expressions before leaving.

Another place this caller mentioned he finds women to watch him are oddly enough homeless women. He drives around until he finds some street people and then offers them a small sum of cash to watch him. Most take him up on the offer as they need the cash and he loves to be watched by for the most part unwilling women. Now they are consenting for pay obviously, but they wouldn't likely watch for free.

Another amusing caller claims he has made a hole in his pocket so he can freely masturbate when his hand is in his pocket and he likes to do this while in line at the store buying stacks of dirty magazines and lube, he likes the clerks to know what he's up to as he puts his masturbation aids on the counter. He says they don't say anything but they can tell from the movements of his arm that he's already gotten a head start on his evening's entertainment that involves his right hand and a stack of magazines.

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