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Some of them want to tell us all about the naughty things they have done.

One thing that many callers like to do is confess things they have done, sexual things. Things they do not share with their wives or girlfriends, but feel totally at ease about sharing with a phone sex girl. One common thing men talk about is visiting escorts. In many cases they do no have sexual relationships with their wives anymore, or only a couple of times a year. It's terrible that women deprive their men of physical affection, but that's how many women are, sadly. Men will talk about all the different escorts they have been to, and at times will even like to link you to their business pages to show you exactly who they saw the night before, they like someone to see who exactly they have been with and then relate the experience to you about it.

Since they aren't looking for a girlfriend, and just an escort to spend some time with, they can often be more experimental in which sorts of escorts they are willing to have sex with. The rise of tranny escorts and men seeking them out is a growing fetish that many more men seem to enjoy with each passing year. They would likely not try and make a tranny their girlfriend, but they are more than willing to have a roll in the hay with them and see what all the fuss is about.

Being able to have another person to share their secrets with, especially a woman, is important to these callers. They are often seeking approval on some level, whether it's an older female substituting for mother who disapproved, or just a female role in general they want to know about their particular situation. The idea they want approval at all can be fraught with various complexities, we aren't psychiatrists, but we are here to listen, and to arouse.

Many times relating the experience they had with an escort becomes very arousing for the callers and they are masturbating as they are reliving the details in their mind and as they verbally relate them to the phone sex operator. Saying what the girl looked like, what they did, how many times they did it, etc. They love to be able to have someone they can really talk about these things to, since they sure can't tell wifey about their afternoon at the escort. She might not be willing to have sex with him, but she sure doesn't want him doing it with anyone else, either. It's sad that they want to desexualize their husbands as they themselves have been desexualized.

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