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we phone sex babes get more confessions than the local priest.

They say confession is good for the soul, and many times we phone sex babes get more confessions than the local priest. The priest would likely be horrified if they heard the things we phone sex girls do. One of the most common confessions we hear is same sex interactions confessions. Online classifieds sites that have men seeking other men for illicit sexual encounters, this is something we usually hear multiple times a day. It's seedy, it's dangerous and it's very popular. The desire that many men have to perform oral sex on another man is one we hear a lot about.

I always ask is this a one time thing with this person you met, or an ongoing thing, the answer is usually that it's a one time thing. The shame that overtakes these men right after they are finished is often overwhelming and will be the one thing that prevents them from seeking out that person again, even when they will confess it was say the best oral sex they ever had, they will not want to look that person in the eye again. The level of homophobia in society today is baffling considering how much we hear about the desire for same sex contact and indeed confessions of same sex experiences. Perhaps it's because they are in fact disgusted with themselves for giving in, so they turn that disgust outward and aim it towards ones who do those things and feel no such self hatred over it.

We hear so many that confess to spying on ladies, taking panties of women and using them for their own masturbation, everyone from neighbours, to the mum of their friends, to people in the same apartment building they share a common laundry room with, all kinds of people. Phone sex babes no doubt hear more confessions than the average psychiatrist, due to the fact of the sheer volume of people we speak with. Also callers do not have to look us in the eye. Many would be too embarrassed to look another in the eye and admit such things. Many of us have secret experiences we haven't ever shared with another person, that can weigh on you, especially if it's an experience that had a significant impact on you and you can't talk to anyone about it. A wife or a girlfriend would not understand in many cases and in fact learning about it might be the end of the relationship. Many men dress in ladies lingerie in secret from their partners and they know there's no way in hell that it would be looked upon favourably, so they tell us. We are here to listen to your naughty confessions, twenty four hours a day.

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