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Cream Pie

One thing lots of callers are quite obsessed with is cream pie. We are not talking banana or coconut cream here, either. We are talking about men that for various reasons, love to lick up cum, their own or that of another man that has shot it into their woman. It's not uncommon for men to masturbate, cum in their hand and then lick it off, or scoop it off their chest and stomach. Ones into cuckold, often like to play clean up and clean their ladies up after an evening of passion where she's been filled to the hilt with sticky, warm cum that needs to be licked out in great, gooey globs.

Some cuckolds look at this as humiliating, but then they love humiliation, so being made to lick the cum of another man out is oddly gratifying and humiliating to them at the same time. Some men aren't looking to lick up the cum of another man, but after having sex with their own lady, they often like to indulge in their own cum that way. Straddling the face for some oral sex and having it plop into their mouth can be just the kind of nasty treat they are looking for.

Some of the nastier things about men that are really into cum, they will go to glory holes which have a lot of cum left in them, usually in disposed condoms and they will collect it and consume it, it's really quite distasteful, literally, if you think about it, but it lets you know just how far horny men are willing to go in their obsessions. If it's their own cum that's one thing, but the cum of a stranger, that's a bit of a whole different level.

Ones into cuckoldry often like to be a part of the activities and may be underneath their partner as the dominant male is having sex with them, so the cum is dripping on their face and into their open mouth, and then they will clean the man's penis with their mouth, covered with the juices of their partner and the man's cum. Many times the first few encounters with another man might seem to be coerced, but they usually quickly find they have an acquired taste for the cum of another man, it becomes an obsession to them to get as much as they can. So rest assured, cream pie is the most popular of desserts....

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