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It was a bit similar to cuckold, but a bit of a different twist on it.

Sometimes the secrets callers reveal to we phone sex gals can be educational and amusing, a real window into their thoughts. One the other day suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him, so he actually set up his computer to record their bedroom view and he was right, when he came back later he watched her and one of her coworkers getting down and dirty right in their bedroom in the bed he shared with her. Rather than being angry though, he was very turned on at watching the sexual escapades. So I asked if he was a cuckold, but he said not really, since after watching it he began to fantasize that the coworker was having sex with him.

It was quite the conversation, and got so he'd show this video of his girlfriend to other men that would in turn have sex with him as the video was playing, and he was dressed in lingerie that was like what the girlfriend was wearing in the video. It was kind of bizarre, but we hear many bizarre things that men tell us. Things they have never told anyone else. His girlfriend never did find out about the video and she left him shortly thereafter since he apparently was quite undersized in the manhood department.

So it was a bit similar to cuckold, but a bit of a different twist on it. When a man is undersized that way, his feelings of inadequacy grow and grow, and they feel quite submissive and like beta males, and many times their thoughts turn to another man dominating them sexually and finally being of some use to someone. Since they sure cannot please a woman in the bedroom, so perhaps it's a man that they should be pleasing. They may balk at first, but it's quickly an acquired taste it seems.

So many callers love to think of their partners having sex with other men and coming home fresh out of the bed of another man, still dripping with his leavings. Some have said they performed oral sex on their ladies and there was a funny taste, like perhaps she'd already been with another man shortly before, yet it turned them on to picture it. Does that sort of scenario drive you wild? Have you ever spied on your wife or girlfriend getting naughty with another man but haven't told her that you know about it? If so, maybe you'd like to finally tell someone all about it.

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