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One of the most popular calls for most operators are cuckold calls. Now what is a cuckold? A cuckold is a man that enjoys seeing his lady have sex with another man in front of him. There are lots of branches on the cuckold tree. Some are content to just hear about and know about the wife's extra curricular sex life. They watch her get ready to go out on dates, they listen when she gets home about all the sordid things she got up to, but they don't watch. Then there's ones who watch, maybe sitting right beside the bed, or in the corner of the room, or if they are very shy, they might be sitting in the closet, watching through a crack in the door, or through the door slats, and the man doing their wife will have no clue he's in there watching as it all unfolds.

Some want to be a bitch for the "bull" doing their wife, they will give him oral sex or even allow the other man to have sex with them anally. They will "fluff" the man for their wife and get him hard and ready to go. Some will lick the other man's cum out of their wife and be the clean up boy, others want no such involvement. Lots f different ways for this to go on. Most times guys into cuckold have smaller than average penises, that's why they want their wife to have sex with another man, because they are physically under equipped to do so, so they wish for her to achieve sexual satisfaction in the arms of another man that can satisfy them in a way they never will be able to.

Some also are into interracial cuckold, where the guy doing their wife is black, because many black guys, not all, but a lot, have a penis larger than the average white guy, so they envision this black bull doing their wife in a big way. Some get downright comical when they have the addition of the black guy impregnating their wife and raising a half black baby making the white husband the true laughingstock of his friends and family, paying to raise the child of another man that his wife took into her bed and is now flaunting the results of to one and to all. They can have very funny scenarios they talk about and how they have been made the ultimate fool and will have the half black child as a constant reminder of what a pitiful, little worm they really are. That they cannot satisfy their wives or even impregnate, another man better suited has done the job.

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