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Do you crave domination?

Lots of men seek domination, but many times their wives or girlfriends simply are not dominant, so they can seek phone domination as their outlet when real life prospects are looking slim for them. Many would never even think to ask their partner about something like using a strap on on them or bondage, since they know it would never, ever fly, so why even ask and incur laughter or worse yet, have their partner view them differently? So many guys are into anal stimulation with prostate massagers, butt plugs, etc, but they do it alone on the sly, since their partners would not be willing to play Mistress for them and use these implements on them.

Others seek truly hardcore domination, abuse, being talked to very abusively, mocked and made fun of, or even have their manly bits tortured. A phone dominatrix will be more than happy to guide you through the basics of some CBT, maybe even make you cry and beg for mercy. Domination can mean different things to different men, some prefer the humiliation, others prefer full on physical abuse with floggers, soaked wet wooden spoons for maximum pain when smacking. It's often amusing when you can hear callers smacking themselves when you tell them to in the background. Their shrieks of pain elicit our laughter.

Some callers that have actually visited real time dominatrixes love to relate their visit from start to finish and tell us how they were chained up, made to perform oral sex on other men that were brought in. Lots of times clients into this sort of domination have careers in positions of power and because of that, they crave the turning the tables aspect of being the submissive one and relinquishing that power over to someone else, it's a nice change of pace for them.

If you yourself seek phone domination, you will no doubt be able to find a few ladies here that will be more than capable of making you feel like a worthless worm that deserves to be punished and made fun of. We know you want that, and you know you want that, the very idea of it gets you hard as a rock in anticipation. It's not every man's cup of tea, but we well know how many are craving it and want it to push their masturbation experience over the top in a way that wifey can never do for you or even want to know about.

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