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Driving may not be the best time for this.

Now one wouldn't think driving is the best time to be masturbating, but it happens quite frequently. One caller recently also had quite the fondness for his vehicle itself. Now there is a fetish some have where they literally like to have sex with their car, not just in their car, but with the car itself. Placing your penis in the tail pipe is not the brightest thing to do, but you'd be surprised how many do things like this. One today was rubbing himself on the steering wheel and saying how much he enjoyed it, and the middle of it where the air bag is kept. How that is sexy, I do not know, but some are aroused by very different things.

He mentioned how much he loves to have sex with women behind the wheel. Now you'd both have to be extremely thin people to fit behind the steering wheel, the passenger seat, the back seat, but no, the drivers seat where there's the least amount of room. Doesn't sound very comfortable at all. He mentioned how much he enjoys seeing women masturbating in their car with toys or rubbing themselves on the stick shift, I pity the people that buy these sticky cars next!

Multitasking can be a good thing when practical, but masturbating and driving do not seem to be a good combination of tasks for many reasons. Ones will swear up and down it's safe, they are on a long, empty straight stretch of road, no one is around, it is foolish and dangerous and please, if you are in your car and feeling horny, at the very least pull over and turn the car off. No orgasm is worth dying for or injuring yourself for. We understand horniness can strike at inopportune moments, but hold off until you're not moving on the roads at the very least.

Some do desire to "have sex" with inanimate objects, some have even gotten romantic with pieces of furniture or small planes. The things you can find online are unreal about that topic, mechanophilia. Ones aroused by various machines and appliances. The things people tell us they do to themselves, there's been several over the years that have been intimate with their vacuum cleaners, and that can be a not wise thing to do. They could get the tip of their penis cut off if they use the wrong kind. People get odd ideas when they are horny, and it can lead to bodily injury they may regret badly.

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