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Most men are quite enthralled with breasts

Most men are quite enthralled with breasts, that is a given. Some like small and perky, others go for unnaturally large and cumbersome, some love tiny hard little nipples and others adore huge areolas. One other thing some men are into about breasts is breast milk. Not all men want to nurse, but ones that do are quite fascinated by lactating breasts. Many will state when their wives were breastfeeding after their children were born, they too would love t have a turn and suckle on her sweet, nourishing breast milk.

It's not always easy for a man to find a lactating woman, since most women have not just given birth. Some have gone so far as to place ads on personal classifieds sites seeking a lactating woman to nurse on. A woman can be made to lactate if she hasn't given birth, but you rally have to be willing to dedicate the time to a regular breast pumping schedule to bring it on. Some callers have described them doing this with their girlfriends they wanted to do it so much, so you really have to have a partner that is into the breast milk fetish as you are to be willing to try this, it's no overnight process.

It can be a topic men wish to discuss during a particularly intimate type of call, perhaps one that's discussing impregnation, lovey dovey type calls where they like to exchange I love you's, and girlfriend experience type calls where there's a real intimacy. Not all operators are comfortable with that sort of call, you need to make sure you find the right girl for that type, since some will always be uncomfortable saying those sorts of intimacies to a person that is not their real life partner, others however will be fine with that and really enjoy the same sort of call.

The thought of perhaps touching a woman between the legs and caressing her as you suckle on their breast and she runs her fingers through her hair, can be a wonderful sort of scenario to play out when both people are into it. You'd perhaps be surprised just how loved and cared for you can feel during that sort of call. Granted, many men are not calling for love in any way shape or form, they just want to get some dirty talk and cum, but others do love to really get that closeness they may be lacking in their real life relationships and that sort of call can really fill the void for some men.

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