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Exhibitionism - I see you!

One of the most common things for men to fantasize about and that they actually have done even though it may be frowned on, is exhibitionism. Most guys love to show off. They frequently go online trying to find women to watch them masturbate, even going on sites where they can open their own room to cam in and have members watch them. At least that way it's in a controlled environment. Lots of times men calling for phone sex will confess things they have done, like have sex in public places, masturbate in public places or even just flashing themselves in public.

One of the most common places callers reveal exposing themselves is the food court at the mall. There's lots of people in a small area and they can see some guy open his coat and flash them the goods. Needless to say, running from the mall cops is usually the very next thing they do after flashing, right out the door and to freedom they hope. Not all are into crowds though. Sometimes sex on a balcony with a few neighbours that can see what you're up to is good enough for the exhibitionist to get off to. Especially if they are well endowed, they want ones to see how sexually talented they are. Both to intimidate other males and to attract other females who see and think, hmm, I'd like me a piece of that!

Sex in cars or masturbating in cars is also fairly common. Callers will frequently call from the car parked on the street or in a parking lot or many times even driving and be pleasuring themselves at the same time and hope ones driving next to them will see what they are doing. The places callers have confessed masturbating can be quite unwise, everywhere from public libraries to coffee shops. They have no shame or common sense it would seem!

Some callers enjoy being watched on cam during their phone sex calls and some companies allow it, some don't, some girls will watch, others won't, even if it's allowed. With cameras in public all over, every street under surveillance and every person equipped with a camera phone, such indulgences are not very wise indeed, one flash of the privates and within minutes, your pic could be uploaded to the internet forever by someone you chose to show yourself to. Stick with the controlled environments of ones that want to watch you on cam and don't expose your face or severe embarrassment could haunt you forever.

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