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They really get off on hearing exactly what we have been doing … sexually.

Callers will often ask about the fantasies of the girls they call, and it's not difficult to tell them, they really enjoy hearing about them. Many ask about real life sexual experiences we have had as well, and that's also easy to entertain them with. One real life experience I've shared with many callers since it's a bit naughty, is how when I was in university I had an affair with one of my teachers. He was a very handsome man, and I was in my senior year and it started out a bit unexpectedly. I was failing the class and my parents would have been very upset if I'd failed it, so I went to him and asked if there was anything I could do to pass that class.

He was a very naughty man and could have lost his job had anyone found out, but he said well, there's one thing, but I don't think you'd be willing to do it. I asked what it was and he said he'd always liked me and had an interest in me and if I was "friendly" to him, I'd be sure and get a passing grade. I was a bit shocked at this, I knew it wasn't right, but at the same time it turned me on to be at his sexual mercy this way and I wanted to do it, so I agreed and it might have started out inappropriately, but I was very soon quite the willing participant.

He gave me his address and told me to be there at eight o clock, and I was. I'd been with my boyfriend many times before, so I wasn't some virgin or something, but I knew this was forbidden and naughty, but fun at the same time. He answered the door, offered me some wine and then we went to the living room. He wasted no time in kissing me and running his hand up my skirt and into my panties, but he definitely was making me feel very good and we soon went to the bedroom and he stripped me down and then himself and we were soon going at it on the bed.

This went on for the rest of the school year a few times a week. I don't know how no one found out, but it was our little secret and I passed the class with flying colours and was having a hell of a time as well, he was a fantastic lover and taught me a lot. My poor boyfriend wasn't getting much at this time, since my teacher was getting all of my libido used on him and there wasn't much left for my boyfriend. So callers do enjoy hearing about this exciting little episode from my past.

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