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You'd be surprised how many callers have some kind of fabric fetish.

You'd be surprised how many callers have some kind of fabric fetish. Satin is quite popular, one even talks about "satin encasement," he loves the idea of being totally wrapped up in satin, the feel of it against his skin drives him quite wild. The sensory experience of certain fabrics against the skin will just drive some into an orgasmic frenzy. Leather is likely even more fetishized than satin, one man would only masturbate while wearing a pair of leather gloves, he felt it a much more sensual experience than his own skin against skin.

Rubber is not quite a fabric per say, but a material that many love to feel against their skin, although it sticks to you and traps your sweat and makes for an overall not very pleasant experience, some just love how it feels. PVC is another material many go for, in full body suits even, totally covering them. Some callers have said they masturbate wearing a pair of dishwashing gloves, since the feel of that material is quite erotic to them when they are touching and stimulating themselves. One disturbing fetish is wearing rubber body bags, being covered from head to foot in the rubber, gas masks even, you can easily find pics of one into this fetish online.

Fur coats is another, one called in the middle of summer and said he was masturbating wearing a fur coat, let's hope he had air conditioning! Fur at least is soft and the satin lining of a coat is slippery and sexy feeling, but animals gave their lives for that garment, and it just doesn't seem right to use their fur as some sort of sex toy. It's incredible how many people that have a fabric fetish want to be totally covered in it, from head to toe.

Wool is the oddest natural fabric to be covered in, since it's neither silky, nor slippery, but can be quite itchy and scratchy and make you very hot, and there are many disturbing pics online of ones covered in custom made woolen garments were even the face is covered by it, not quite sure how one would have sex or masturbate in such a wool body suit, but it obviously does something for them, or they wouldn't be doing it. Fabrics rest against our skin, so it's no wonder things like satin can be fetishized, it's very wonderful to the touch and many lingerie items are made from it, but the other choices are a bit unusual, but then people can have quite peculiar interests in the world of sexual arousal.

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