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Five Fears of First Time Callers to Sex Lines

1. Knowing where to Start
A common fear for first time callers is not knowing how to start the conversation. The good news is, you won’t have to worry about that! We know how to start the conversation and how to make you feel comfortable in a matter minutes. Most of our calls start with just a general chat to warm up so you can get to know the girl you are speaking to, but that’s entirely in your hands.

2. Judgment
If you’re concerned about being judged by our girls, there’s no need! You can bet our minds are just as dirty as yours and we want to hear all about what you’re into. We are in this job because we are the least judgmental girls you will come across!

3. The Awkward Silence
It’s not uncommon for first time callers to be concerned about the dreaded ‘awkward silence’, but that’s something you’ll never have to worry about with Babes HQ. We will make you feel instantly comfortable and keep the conversation flowing so there are no awkward silences.

4. Kinks
If you’ve got some specific kinks or fetish’s that you want to role play or just talk about, don’t be afraid to let your barriers go and tell us about it! We love hearing what turns you on, no matter how ‘unusual’ it might seem. You’ll love the liberating feeling of finally being able to play out your dirtiest fantasies!

5. Billing Privacy
At Babes HQ, your discretion and privacy is paramount to us, so you’ll never have to worry about anyone discovering your secrets! We keep your phone and credit card billing as discreet as possible, to give you complete peace of mind.

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