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Fembots and androids???

Have you ever heard of fembots or sex androids? Not everyone has, but some men are actually turned on by them and call up for fembot phone sex and ask the gals to talk in a robotic voice. Yes, I am serious, some guys really into sci fi do indeed get aroused by the idea of a man made woman that is really a robot. Think about it for a moment, this machine once activated will never say no to them or turn them down. It's been specifically programmed to please them sexually and carry about their desires. It exists only to please them.

It will never tire, never get sore from odd or awkward positions, it could have the sucking strength many times more than any human woman could have. It will never talk back negatively to you and once you are finished, you can power it down and put it in the closet until next time. To many men, this would be ideal. No nagging, no spending their money, never turning them down. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Well it doesn't exist quite yet, but not too many years off it could very well be a reality. Until then, some men with a robot fetish, or in some cases a cybourg fetish, will call up and ask you to pretend to be their very own robot.

Some men into this fetish will say phrases and want you to repeat them back to them word for word, others will get excited by you simply speaking in the monotone robotic voice that doesn't even sound human. Unusually these men are a bit dominant and expect the fembot to respond to their commands without question. Some will also want features like breasts growing on demand or features changing on demand like eye colour, hair colour, all sorts of things that can be done to further personalize their nearly human like sex doll toy.

Some like the idea of the fembot malfunctioning, especially due to liquid getting into their system, like after sperm has been ejaculated into the fembots orifices and of course liquid and electronics do not go together! So the robot voice will speed up and slow down and sound even more unnatural, but tall that is just part of the fantasy of having their pre programmed custom made toy they are playing with. Lovers of fembots and sex androids like to be in total control of their fembots. So if you are a man that enjoys this fetish, see which operators may just have the robotic voice of your dreams.

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