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Feminization: Wigs, makeup, high heels, the whole nine yards

Most people have no clue whatsoever how popular feminization is. How many men are actually wearing ladies underwear under their clothing and have fantasies of being dressed up with wigs, makeup, high heels, the whole nine yards, and being made up into a woman. Transformation fantasies is what they call them and some have very elaborate fantasies about growing breasts overnight to very large proportions. Some that have called have been on hormone treatments for many years and have grown their own breasts, but of course in their fantasies they are a lot bigger, almost surreal like proportions.

Others call up wanting a Mistress to do this to them against their will, dress them up in lingerie and have a man there they are told to suck off even though they don't want to, but if Mistress commands it, well, there really is no choice in the matter, is there? Hair being curled, eyebrows shaped into a feminine form, some go so far as being made to wear petticoats under their skirts to be old fashioned AND feminized. One calls that likes the Little Bo peep look, complete with the hoop skirts and ringlets in their hair. It takes all kinds, that's for sure.

Many times they wake up in the different form when they have the transformation type fantasies, or else while looking in a mirror, the change takes place before their very eyes in a movie like moment. Beauty salons can also figure prominently in their fantasies, perms, hair colouring, full body waxing, all kinds of beauty treatments can be in their thoughts. One caller used to refer to himself as the beauty salon sissy and have all these shampooing and perming elements to the fantasy they were having.

Most times the men indulging these fantasies are not imagining having sex with women, rather they want to be used many times by men, they claim it's against their will and only because Mistress commands it, but in reality they have been harbouring these thoughts for a very long time and it's a very quickly acquired taste they have for the cum of another man and soon they are craving it readily and no coercion need be involved in the slightest. Many like the idea of being made to go to work all dolled up like a lady, what would the coworkers think, what reason could they give for why they are dressed that way. Humiliation is often a base of these and many other fantasies.

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