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It's fun really getting them turned on with your toes

One might wonder about foot fetish, how can feet possibly be sexually arousing? It is actually one of the most common fetishes we here on the phone sex line hear about. Having a boyfriend with a foot fetish can absolutely have advantages, you will get lots of foot massages, likely be given shoes, boots or gift certificates for such, they will either love to give you pedicures to make your toes look pretty or be happy to pay for a salon visit to get one done on you. They are really getting it for themselves when they do these things, because it so arouses them. One many that called said warm weather and sandals and bare feet to him was more arousing than a nude beach would be. They find it that sexy.

Some are into shoes and the smell of feet, especially ones that haven't been washed in a few days and have a strong sweat aroma to them. Foot jobs while you are either barefoot or wearing stockings can be very sensual to the foot lovers out there. A foot job and them cumming on your feet and toes leaving the little drops of cum either on painted toenails or soaked into stockings, usually black ones, can be so powerful to them. One called the other night and loved it when I said what good control I had over my toes, that I could open door knobs with my feet, of course he was imagining me doing more than opening doors with those sexy and flexible feet of mine!

Some are into talking about licking and sucking your toes, the smell drives them wild and makes them hard. For some the smell of worn shoes is finer than the finest perfume to them. Shoe stores to them hold more appeal than the local porn shop. The thought that women's feet are going to be in those shoes drives them wild, some feel the same way about panties, thinking of them resting against a woman's most tender parts and how they will absorb that smell, for some it's the shoes that drive them crazy. When a caller asks what size shoes do you wear, you can usually tell he's going to be into feet. Then they can ask about your arches and toes length and all the while they are masturbating like a foot fetish fiend, it's fun really getting them turned on with your toes.

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