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Forget MILFs, they now want GILFs!

Now lots of guys enjoy the company of an older woman and find her maturity and experience a real bonus over girls their own age. Cougars and MILF's are pretty much hot commodities these days. However, there's always men that have a bit more extreme tastes than even the cougars. These are men that are into older women alright, but into ones the age of the cougar's and MILF's mom. These women are called GILF's ,and that G stands for Grannies. Elderly and Granny is one of the fastest growing sections these days in porn movies, and with the ageing baby boomers, that's a good thing, since there's lots of grannies to choose from!

One caller used to tell me all about his very explicit fantasies about his eighty five year old neighbour. Yes, eight five. It was unreal the stuff he'd come up with, the scenarios. One was that he'd been called upon to make sure she took her daily medicine and he fantasized about cumming into her bottle of medicine and then administering it to her by the tablespoon full. Liquid medicine full of his semen. That was about the mildest thing he used to talk about. Buying her see through and crotchless lingerie, it was surreal to talk to this man, and he was very serious about his attraction to this woman.

Many men have called to talk about widows in their seventies they have pursued sexual relationships with and some said they were hotter lovers than women decades younger than them. Imagine them removing their false teeth for out of this world oral sex. These men can have a grandmother fetish, many saw a grandmother in a girdle or some old fashioned undergarment and it can have a long standing effect on them and this fetish for ones their grandmother's age can take route.

Thanks to the invention of medications like Viagra, older people can continue to have active sex lives if they choose, something many gave up. Now seniors aren't getting it on like college students, but some can still have a healthy libido and be interested, so not all senior citizens are ready to let that part of their life go away. There will always be ones that enjoy extremes, ones into people a lot older or younger than themselves, ones into really large people, or even ones into deformities, so if some are into ones much older by several decades, why not. As long as everyone's happy. Maybe they can bring a smile to the old widow's face once more.

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