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He wanted to talk about girl-on-girl action

One topic men are often very interested in they ask you about on phone sex calls is have you ever been with another woman? Lesbians and bisexuals are of great interest to many and they often have a threesome fantasy they are interested in talking about. Of course some men have been with two ladies in a threesome, but certainly not as many as would like to be! If they can't find that easily in their own life, and not many men can get two women at the same time, they could of course always call an escort and make an appointment for a double booking with two ladies, but many guys wouldn't go that far. So they make do with lesbian porn and phone sex talking about what they'd do to satisfy two ladies at the same time.

Some of the men that have been in an actual threesome have said they felt a good deal of performance anxiety to please two women, it's often hard to please one, let alone two within minutes of each other, so the fantasy may be better than actual reality. Some will ask if you have played with girls, had oral sex with them, or played with your fingers and masturbated each other. Of course some girls you will call have had same sex experiences, and others will not yet have had that or any interest in it, all you can do is ask. Many times though our first sexual experiences are with members of the same sex, so it's not an uncommon thing at all and quite common. Callers will sometimes call with porn playing in the background as they call. We are providing them auditory stimulation, but many times they seek the visual as well.

Two girls giving a guy a blow job at the same time can be the ultimate threesome fantasy for a man, each paying special attention to the parts they are concentrating one and doubling his pleasure. Then perhaps a snowball kiss at the end of it, or spraying them down across their breasts. All kinds of different scenarios appeal to men. One sitting on his face and the other riding him, my, all that attention at once, almost more than a poor guy can handle. Think you're man enough to handle two ladies? Maybe before you attempt the real thing, we could go over it all in vivid, explicit detail to make sure you haven't forgotten any little detail. Talk soon, you naughty boys!

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