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His girlfriend was out of town so he wanted me to help him out

Sometimes being an operator absolutely has its benefits. Like when you're horny and you don't have a boyfriend at the moment and you can also get off with guys when they call in. I've always enjoyed phone sex in my personal life, that's why I got into it as a job. I haven't had a boyfriend in a couple of months, so callers can really be a welcome diversion, for me and for themselves! A guy called up last night that was so horny, his girlfriend was out of town for the weekend at some wedding, and he was randy as hell and wanted to know if I could help him out. I said of course, that's what I'm here for!

He was actually really sexy and within minutes I was slipping my own hand down my panties and joining him, He sounded so good as he masturbated and his breathing became slower and softer and he stroked himself. I was absolutely getting turned on as he said he'd had really hot sex with his girlfriend the other night since they knew he'd be out of town for a few days. I asked why he hadn't just given her a call, but she'd had to share a room so didn't have the privacy to play with him, and he didn't like to masturbate alone, well who does!

I told him how I was touching myself, all wet and shaved and smooth and waiting for him to plunge into me and thrust long and hard and give me a good pounding. He said he wanted to go down on me first and described in perfectly delicious detail how he'd tease me and make me go crazy with his talented tongue and it sounded fantastic. He was a giver, and said most of his pleasure comes from giving the other person pleasure, which is fine by me! I'm happy to lay back and be entertained.

As he was talking about going down on me, I gave myself my first orgasm, which he said he loved hearing and then he described going inside of me and me wrapping my legs around him nice and tight as he kissed me and I'd feel the breath on my neck we were so close, and I could hear the arousal in his voice and I soon came a second time, it was super hot and I loved having phone sex with him, he was the best caller in some time and I do hope he calls again!

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