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Some callers very much enjoy an intimate, girlfriend experience type of call. Not all operators are comfortable with this type of call, as some callers can become too clingy, and start to think a real life meeting or relationship is possible. Some callers enjoy saying I love you and like to hear it back and not all girls are comfortable with such intimacies. Others have no problem saying it, as it's similar to an actress saying her lines, it depends on which girls are ok with it and which are not. They can be very sweet calls and you do come to really enjoy talking to the callers if you are on the same page. You really can become like their phone girlfriend.

Some will just like to talk about their day, like they would if they had a girlfriend to come home to. They can be very lovey dovey type of calls and can often involve talk of impregnation, breeding and the woman being a bit submissive. Callers into these types of calls are usually much more respectful than other types of callers can be and make you feel loved and appreciated, even if only for the length of the call. They aren't into calling you degrading names or making you feel like a whore, they make you feel special and feelings can sometimes develop when you have a frequent relationship over the phone with clients that enjoy these types of calls.

You become like an oasis in their day, they look forward to coming home to you and telling you about their day and then unwinding and getting to feel a little naughty and they enjoy that you are there to make their me time a little less lonely. These guys really like the comfort and companionship that a phone girl gives them and are often very complimentary and sweet.

Many times callers like this disappear when they get a real life girlfriend, they don't need a phone girl to play make believe when they now have the real thing, but they usually return when things in real life go sour and they once again want you to make them feel loved and desired and things pick right up where they left off, even if a couple of years have passed. This happens all the time, they do come back and they do remember you and want to talk to you again. You made them feel good and they remember.

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