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Guilt will get you nowhere

Were you raised in an environment where you were made to feel shame over something like masturbation? Were you perhaps even punished or spanked or belittled if you were so unfortunate as to have been caught in the act? From years of hurrying to masturbate to avoid being caught are you now a premature ejaculator even though no such fear of being caught anymore exists? You are not alone, sadly, these are all too common problems that many men are dealing with. Grown men actually feeling guilty when they indulge themselves and masturbate. You wouldn't feel guilty if you were tired or hungry, would you? Of course not, those are biological needs your body has that need to be fulfilled. Sex and orgasms are also physical needs that you should never be made to feel ashamed about.

Masturbation encouragement is something that many men really need that were raised in a suppressive environment, they need to be told it's ok to pleasure yourself, it's ok to masturbate, it's normal and it's actually very healthy for your prostate. A minimum of twenty one orgasms a month is recommended for optimum prostate health, you can look it up online. We aren't encouraging you to go at it on the mall bench or anything, but in the privacy or your own home, it's a very pleasurable and healthful personal little exercise for your reproductive organs health.

So many wives do not have the same sex drive as their husbands, so masturbating on your own can "tide you over" until you get a real lovemaking session, that is if your wife still allows you to have sex, which let's face it, many wives have closed up shop years ago and would be perfectly happy if you did as well, but don't let them kill yours too. Masturbate freely and to your hearts content. It is a good little mini workout, and will elevate your mood considerably if you are having regular orgasms. Orgasms are a known stress reducer, so do yourself a favour and get pumping.

It seems sad really, that anyone would want to shame someone into not doing something that is not only free, no risk of disease, good for your body in so many ways, but that's just the nature of some people. We phone sex operators all know how wonderful masturbation is, and we fully encourage you to enjoy it as much as possible, we sure do! Guilt will get you nowhere and there's simply no need for it in respect to making yourself cum, you aren't hurting anyone, and you are making yourself feel good.

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