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He called to tell me about his first ever m2m experience

The other night a customer called and he wanted to share something with me he couldn't tell anyone else. He'd just had a same sex experience with another man. He was married, but had always harbored these feelings of attraction to other men and had just acted on it. He'd placed an ad on an adult classified site hoping to find similar types of guys and he got lots of replies.

He was sort of in a state of shock that he'd actually gone through with it, but he was a combination of scared, embarrassed and in a state of anxiety his wife would find out about it. He'd met this guy in a van in a parking lot and it started out with a hand job, then moved to oral pretty quickly. He said he'd never cum so hard in his life, he was almost giddy with excitement over telling me how much he enjoyed it and how much he wanted to do it again and did I think he was gay, or bi and what was he going to do?

He'd been watching gay porn in secret for years as he masturbated, so it wasn't something he'd never thought of before, but he wasn't happy at home and was looking elsewhere for release and he found it in the arms of another man. One thing people seldom think of as to why men call phone sex lines, is the confessional aspect of it. Lots do things like this and have no one to share them with, they can't tell their wives or girlfriends or friends and family, yet they have this big secret they want to share and talk about. Some men absolutely turn to phone sex lines as a sort of online confessional for their deep, dark sexual thoughts and fantasies.

We phone sex girls are happy to listen to your misadventures like this and just be there for you to talk to. Many times recanting encounters like this can quickly become sexually arousing and the guys will begin to pleasure themselves as they are describing the events that took place and they love to have us question them about the specifics, it can really turn them on that they are including another person in this even if it's just talking. Phone sex lines serve many purposes, lots more than the average person might assume they do. We can not only turn you on with our naughty talk, but be there for you to confess your naughty secrets to as well.

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