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How Babes HQ Keeps Your Details

Phone sex is fun, naughty and really enhances the masturbation experience, more so than any other masturbation aid. It cannot be compared to other avenues such as masturbating alone or with the help of porn, in fact, porn can sometimes make you feel even more disconnected from your fantasies, as you are simply watching what’s happening, rather than being a part of it. Phone sex makes you feel like you are a part of the action, like you are actually in the room!

While phone sex with our girls is always fun and exciting, at Babes HQ, we understand that being discreet is often the number one priority for many of our clients and we take that very seriously. Regardless of whether you are single or married, we find most of our callers prefer to ensure their business is kept private, so we do just that.

Our billing system is safe and discreet. You can choose to have the call charged discreetly to your mobile phone bill or home telephone account. We make sure that when the charges show up, no one would bat an eyelid! The same goes with any credit card charges. We take all the little details into account because when it comes to the privacy, security and discretion of our callers, nothing is more important. We want you to have the freedom to relax and forget about your worries while you have some kinky fun with our girls.

So, if you’ve been thinking of trying some kinky phone sex for the first time but you’ve felt apprehensive, now you know there is no need!

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