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Furtive sex in the back seat of the car.

Lots of times callers will ask me about particularly memorable sexual encounters I had, or ask if I've had threesomes, or some risky sex stories and since I've been fairly sexually adventurous, I usually have a few stories for each type of encounter they ask about. One call recently that sticks out was a man that asked if I'd ever had any kind of risky sexual encounter, since he himself was really into risky sex, doing it in semi public places with his girlfriend and the possibility of getting caught was always very arousing for him, sex in a bedroom with the doors locked was about the last sort of thing that got this guy going, he liked the idea of doing things where you shouldn't, who might see, all kinds of things.

He did bring a certain memory to mind of when I was in college. It really was kind of naughty, but we all know that horniness can lead us down the path to not the best decisions. My parents and myself were headed to a cabin a few hours away for the weekend and they said it was alright if I brought my boyfriend along, I was glad they let me bring him, it made me feel like a real grown up. We were both quite horny when we got in the car to begin the drive up to the cabin and we were in the backseat and my parents were in the front seat and we were all chatting. We weren't going to be arriving for several hours and we stopped at a place to eat and then all got back in the car and continued on for the rest of the drive.

After we'd been driving a while, my mum was getting a bit sleepy and decided to nap until we got to the cabin and my dad was in his own world lost in the driving, he always sort of zoned out and was listening to the soft easy listening music on the radio, and my boyfriend put his hand on my thigh and started to move it towards my crotch under my short skirt. I nudged his hand away and gave him look that said, are you crazy? He looked at my mum in the front seat, asleep and my dad was in his world of driving, and he was making me think no one would know what was going on in the backseat if we were careful. I have to admit the thrill of the risk was intoxicating.

He put his hand back on my thigh and inched it up towards my panties. I spread my legs wider and soon felt his fingers toying with the gusset of my now damp panties. I was riveted on the back of my dad's head to make sure he didn't look back and see what we were up to. I felt the panties being invaded by his curious fingers and then I felt them touching my wetness, only around eighteen inches behind my sleeping mom and my driving father. They had no clue their daughter had her boyfriend's hand in her panties right behind them. I have to admit, it felt amazing. There was a small blanket beside me I pulled over my lap in case anyone did happen to look back. I could feel him rhythmically rubbing me and I was biting my lip to avoid making so much as a peep.

I felt so wicked doing this, and yet, his fingers never failed to bring me heaps of pleasure before, so why would this time be any different? I was trying to consciously control my breathing, since I didn't want the insides of the windows to fog up, nor did I want sexual panting sounds to be emanating from the backseat like there was anything arousing going on. My poor clueless father, just driving along as I was being masturbated right behind him by my horny boyfriend. I looked over and could see the bulge in his pants, I knew this was turning him on a lot.

I leaned back, legs spread as far as possible and I could feel his fingers sliding in and out of me and I was trying to buck up against his hand without being obvious and he moved his fingers faster and faster and I bit my lip until I could taste blood as he made me cum with his fingers and they were none the wiser in the front seat, mere inches away. I knew jerking him off was just too great of a risk with the jerky arm movements that would bring, so I would finish him off later, but oh did I enjoy my back of the car secret hand job. It wasn't long after that my mum woke up and not long after that when we arrived at the cabin and my mum asked me if I was feeling alright that I looked a little flushed. I almost burst out laughing when she asked that, since I sure knew why I was a bit red in the face, but she had no idea. We went to our room and my parents went to theirs and we tried to be as quiet as possible, but we had sex all night long after that naughty car ride.

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