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An interesting fetish some men are into…

Racial humiliation is an interesting fetish some men are into. Not a large group of callers, but some men love humiliation of all kinds, and while not all men, especially black men, might have a small penis for a small penis humiliation call, they might like a different sort of humiliation. Not all operators are comfortable with this topic on calls, so like many other sorts of fetish calls, ask your operator if she is well versed at this type and ok with doing it. Men of many races are into being degraded, made fun of and made to feel lesser than other races.

Some have asked if any guys have ever called for racial humiliation and the answer is yes. A certain percentage of them seem to enjoy these sorts of calls where you call them names. Many even revealing they've had girlfriends not only call them racial slurs, but spit on them as they have sex!

They might enjoy that kind of talk during sex, the way a lot of women might enjoy being called a slut or a whore, but if you yelled a slur at them on the street, that would be a mistake and an unwelcome greeting for sure. They have their time and place they enjoy them and would likely be very insulted and upset and possibly even violent if called those words in a different time or place. The human psyche is a different thing, enjoying something insulting being said to us about a condition they cannot change, like their skin colour or penis size, yet they somehow have embraced it to the point they fine it sexually arousing said in the right context.

Not all men of a different race will enjoy this, some would be very insulted, but the ones that do enjoy it often are really into it, going into slave fantasies, being whipped, called terrible names, and it makes them cum very hard to be degraded and demeaned. People have different kinks, and what might sound outlandish to one might just be the thing that gets another going. It's not just men that enjoy racial humiliation either, some women certainly do as well. So if that is your fetish, no doubt one of the girls here will be willing to help you out and bring you to your knees.

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