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First the invitation, then the seduction.

The Invitation - I love Valentine's Day, I always have, and hoped that this year my boyfriend would have something special planned for me I'd been hinting. I went to work as usual a few days before the holiday and it was just an everyday ho hum routine, then around eleven am a flower delivery guy came into the office with a bouquet of flowers for me, I was thrilled. I'd expected flowers on Valentine's Day, but not before, so was bit perplexed by it. There was not only the flowers, but a beautiful hand written invitation for the Valentine's Day that was coming up. My boyfriend was out of town and would be returning that day and I was to meet him at an out of town five star hotel.

I had a few days to get things prepared, so I got my hair and nails done and went lingerie shopping and got a sexy fire engine red satin outfit. A merry widow, black seemed stockings, matching panties, I looked hot in it for sure. I also got some new stilettos and got some of his favourite perfume to have on hand for when I went to meet him. I hadn't seen him in a few weeks since he'd been out of the country on business, so I was glad when he'd told me he'd be back in time for Valentine's Day. I packed an overnight bag with my sexy new things, some sex toys and lube and some bubble bath, since I thought it would be nice to have a bath together as well, I've always liked that.

The Arrival - I drove to meet my man at the hotel he said to be at, it was in the town his flight had landed in. I went to the desk and got the key that was waiting for me and went upstairs to get ready, he'd be there in an hour and I needed to get dressed and then meet him in the hotel restaurant. I'd come from work, so I quickly showered and did my hair and makeup again so I'd be fresh, and then went to unpack the bag of naughty treats I'd brought with me. I unzipped my bag and got out the sexy lingerie. I stepped into the red satin bikini panties and it felt so cool and smooth against my skin. I then got out the package of black seamed stockings and rolled them up with my fingers and slipped my foot into them one by one, my shiny, red toenail polish glistening through the hosiery. I put on the merry widow and snapped the garters to the tops of the stockings. I turned around in front of the mirror and gazed approvingly at my reflection.

I put on my sexy, four inch stilettos and then slipped the low cut black dress on over myself and it really showed off my cleavage to its full advantage. I spritzed on some perfume and was ready to go down and meet my boyfriend. He had just arrived and was sitting at the bar waiting for me, he stood when he saw me and looked me over with hungry, lust filled eyes. We then went to our table and had a lovely dinner as we chatted about his business trip away. I told him how much I'd missed him and he said he had as well and he couldn't wait to go upstairs. We finished up and walked back to the elevators and were soon at our room.

The Seduction - As soon as the door was closed, he was pressing me against it and kissing me passionately. My nipples were quickly hardening and I was getting wet in anticipation. He spun me around and unzipped my dress and I stepped out of it and was standing there in the sexy lingerie. His eyes roved up and down my body, looking at me like a steak he was about to devour. I walked over to the bed and laid on it as he undressed and once he was naked, he laid down beside me and continued to kiss me, as his hands roamed freely over me, toying with the damp crotch of my panties.

He rubbed me over the fabric and he was hard as well. I reached down to stroke him and he was as hard as a rock. He unsnapped my garters and pulled down my panties. He kissed his way down my tummy and then to my naughtiest part of me which he licked and teased and sucked on until I was writhing under him and begging him to make love to me. I didn't need to ask twice, he was soon inside of me and it was so hot, he moved and bucked with a passion I hadn't known before and it wasn't long until we both exploded in ecstasy as he came inside of me and we collapsed, breathless and spent. The rest of our evening was equally fun, I will save that for next time...

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