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Into wearing ladies underwear and lingerie?

One not in the phone sex business would be quite shocked at the number of callers that are into wearing ladies underwear and lingerie. It's so common, you can even get back to back calls of men wearing panties, and some have hundreds of pairs of them, not just one or two they hide away from their wife, entire collections they can choose what to wear depending on their mood. One called yesterday that only ever wears women's panties, even when he goes to the doctor. I asked how he managed the doctor not seeing that and he said they are made of the same fabric as most men's briefs and if he stands a certain way or is bent over, the doctor would never know.

Another said he cannot even walk right wearing men's underwear, since he's so used to the feel of ladies panties and their various cuts, that it just doesn't feel natural to walk and move in any kind of underwear for men. For some this is a recent fetish, for others, it's a lifelong habit they have practiced for literally decades pretty much anytime they masturbate. Most are only interested in the panties, with others, it's a whole ritual of a bra, stocks, garter belt, heels, the whole nine yards.

I always hope they don't get into an accident and be taken to the hospital wearing them, as that could prove very embarrassing, since many wear them under their regular business attire to work. Under their clothes, who would know? They wouldn't, so they feel at ease wearing these garments. Some masturbate through the panties, through the fabric covering their naughty bits, others pull themselves out of the panties, it's a personal preference, obviously, but the fabric, the cut, the colour, they are incredibly into it.

Most are much more familiar with the brand names of various ladies underwear than I even am, they have the knowledge of experienced sales women, it's impressive, it really is. So many men enjoy looking at ladies pictures wearing lingerie, but for the ones into panty fetish, they are enjoying the garments more than the pics of the ladies wearing them, wondering how they would fit and feel on themselves. There's just nothing so arousing to them for their masturbation experience than adding some panties to the mix. One caller proudly would tell me about his latest shopping excursions and how many pairs he bought himself and the colours of them. It's a really important experience for them.

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