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Phone sex isn't just for men, once in a while ladies like to call in as well for some lesbian phone sex. Many are lesbian or bi curious and if they haven't had any real experiences with ladies, they like to discuss it and have a good masturbation session with another woman. Some are married and have never had the nerve to actually approach another woman sexually, or they live in fear if their friends or family would find out if they had a same sex encounter, so playing on the phone is a safe way for them to explore their sexuality without anyone in their circle finding about it.

Some will have shared this with their husbands and they like to talk about it when they have sex and they'd perhaps love to have a threesome, but they are just to afraid for whatever reason to go through with it so it remains in fantasy land and nothing will ever come of it. Lady callers are quite different than male ones, they are often more demanding, usually more polite, often longer callers. Some operators prefer to not deal with lady callers, so it's always best to message or make a quick call and ask them if they are ok with it.

Most usually would like to have graphic descriptions of what it would be like if you were there together, touching each other, kissing each other, having oral sex together, maybe using toys on one another. Most will not be into fetishes the way many male callers are, once in a while one of them of course will be, but most ladies seem pretty tame in comparison to male callers. Lesbian and bi phone sex is a good way to really be frank with another woman sexually. Most of us are not going to be discussing our masturbation and sexual habits with our female friends, but when you talk to another lady on a sex line, you really can be open and honest in a way you can't be with friends.

Watching lesbian porn can arouse you to a degree of course, especially if you've decided you will not go forth and actually do those things for whatever reason, but talking about it as you masturbate takes things to a whole other level of realism. Maybe they will in time decide to have real life fun with another lady, but until they do, lesbian phone sex can make things a bit more exciting when you are pleasuring yourself.

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