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My friend came over for some lesbian masturbation.

One of the things callers often like to quiz us about is have we ever had any lesbian experiences. Most mention lesbian porn as one of their favourite types to watch, seeing two girls together really arouses most guys beyond belief. I actually did have a few girl on girl encounters in my younger years. I liked to have slumber parties and we'd always talk about boys and compare experiences. One time I had invited several girls over for a sleep over, but for one reason or another all but one girl had to cancel at the last minute, but I really liked this girl and she was still welcome, so we ordered a pizza and watched some movies and talked.

I had fallen asleep and woke up in the middle of the night to hear a bit of heavy breathing and it was dark, but I could see movement under the covers of her bed, I had twin beds in my room, and I just knew she was masturbating and it made me so horny so fast. She glanced over in my direction and gasped when she saw me looking at her and she stopped and didn't know what to say. I told her not to stop and she was unsure what to do since I'd startled her.

I reached down under my covers and I started to masturbate myself and as soon as I did she resumed and we were both breathing quite heavy and she came before I did and she was so loud I was afraid my parents would hear her, but they didn't. I came a couple of minutes after she did and I was more reserved, but she certainly knew that I had and we both lay there panting, trying to catch our breath.

I always need at least two orgasm when I have sex or masturbate, so I just quietly said out loud, I need another one. I started to rub myself again, only this time I tossed off the covers and then she did the same and we were bother there masturbating like fiends in the near darkness, only the light pouring in from the window to let us to see glimpses of one another and we kept looking over at each other and it was so hot, and we did this several times after that sleep over as well, and we never told anyone about it. It was very sexy every time it happened.

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