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Life vs Fantasy: Phone sex is just the ticket.

Masturbation is wonderful, isn't it? Yes, it really is, and you love to enhance that masturbation experience the best you can, I'm sure. Porn is a go to option for many men, others go to a massage parlor for a rub down with a "happy ending." Phone sex is another option for guys that want a bit more of a personalized experience than watching porn will allow for. Not all men are seeking to watch porn either, which shocks most guys that are really into it, how can watching a woman masturbate or have sex not be what you want?

For men that like that live, personalized interaction, phone sex is just the ticket for them. They can reveal their deepest, darkest, most forbidden fantasies to someone that is not in their real life, someone that won't gossip and laugh to your friends about it, someone that's not going to turn you down for sex that night because of what you told them, it's often much safer to tell a total stranger your thoughts than someone you love and see and sleep with on a regular basis.

Lots of men prefer to keep women in boxes, so to speak. There's the partner/wife/mother of the children woman, then their might be a girlfriend on the side, but some have such unusual fantasies, they know neither woman is going to be ok with them, or else they think it would make the woman view them differently, which can seriously screw up your relationship, and once a secret is revealed, there's no going back from it, it's out and can be used against you. Telling someone else and being able to freely talk about it and verbally explore it is often a job they would prefer another woman do that is entirely removed from their "real life", someone that has no contact or power over them in their world. A phone sex operator can be that outlet for you to vent to.

Life and fantasies, can be complex, unusual, things even the people having them are at a loss to understand and it would simply leave them in too vulnerable a position to share those thoughts with someone in their real life. So phone sex is a good answer for many men, and even if they don't have weird fantasies, their partners may be totally shut down sexually so they will be getting nothing from them, so they need to look elsewhere for any warmth or understanding on a sexual level. If you haven't tried phone sex in a while or maybe even ever, give it a try and see how it makes your masturbation session more exciting than alone or with porn, you just might be surprised.

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