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Callers confess to long ago encounters.

Most men that are interested in other men that call phone sex lines will swear up and down that they are not gay, even though they may watch gay porn as they masturbate and be meeting random men for oral or anal sex. Yet they are not gay. Right, of course they are not. Ones would be shocked to find out how many callers to phone sex lines like to have sexual encounters with other men, it's a lot more common than anyone would imagine. Some days a third of the callers want to talk about their sexual interests in other men, yet they are not gay....

Many like to confess to long ago encounters they had that have stayed with them and been the fodder for their fantasies for all these decades they are wishing they could relive. Phone sex babes hear all kinds of things confessed, from decades ago to only a few days ago. They sure cannot share these experiences with their wives or girlfriends, they know that in all likelihood it would be the end of their relationship, so who can they tell? Babes like us.

Many callers are surprised when we reveal how common their thoughts and fantasies are, and that a good many callers tell us the same things, they seem to think they are a rare in having such desires, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's astounding really the level of homophobia in society given how common such thoughts and activities are by the population at large. When you speak to thousands of people, experiences you hear about and hear about repeatedly do bring to light the commonness of such patterns.

We are here to listen to your stories, your fantasies, your experiences, not to judge you. Your significant other is likely not going to be listening without judgment. Though many callers do enjoy being humiliated for such thoughts and past and or current actions. They love to be belittled and made fun of for being into other men. It's not difficult to make fun of them, that's for sure, they certainly give you enough ammunition to use against them, which is what many want. Humiliation in many forms is very popular, and they do enjoy being called names reflective of their actions. They many times even refer to themselves by such derogatory names, so it's not hard to mirror it back to them.

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