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Medical fetish calls can get really bizarre - I love them!

Fantasies of all descriptions are popular, but some have the lesser known fetish of medical. Now what may you ask is a medical fetish? It usually involves doctors or nurses performing some sort of exam on the patient. Small penis humiliation callers can have variations on this fantasy, usually involving the nurse or doctor measuring their penis soft and then of course helping to get it hard and then remeasure then and sometimes the output of sperm is collected and sent off to the lab for tests and volume measurement, pictures taken and added to a medical file and many times a prostate examine might happen as well. Often with them becoming erect by accident and the doctor reassuring them it's all totally natural and not to worry or be embarrassed about it.

Some go a different route though and want you to describe in full detail a gynecological exam and talk about your cycles, any and all sorts of female problems, including descriptions of breast exams and full pelvic ones, even down to the name of proper medical instruments like speculums. These men do not want slang words used for body parts and genitals, only the proper medical, clinical words will do, they are usually very specific on that front. Some will get into artificial insemination discussions as well, with doctors and nurses assisting in the insemination process, again described fully in a clinical manner.

One man called and wanted to pretend he was the woman and it was his first trip to the gynecologist and it was all to be described very seriously as if were actually happening. Men have lots of unusual thoughts and fantasies going on in their heads they would never think of mentioning to their spouse or girlfriend, they just simply would not understand or approve, so it's easier just to keep that locked away and if it is shared, like on a phone sex call, they know it will go no further, they can safely unburden themselves without worrying about their partner judging them in any way. It's their own private kink they like to have. One man called once and told me he regularly hired hookers, not an odd thing, lots of clients say that, but he did not hire them to have sex with them, he took them to motel rooms with a medical bag and he examined them like some sort of amateur gynecologist. I found it very odd, but he wasn't hurting anyone, but that definitely falls under the medical fetish category as well.

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