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Having sex in front of mirrors isn't just for narcissists!

Do you find masturbating or having sex in front of mirrors arousing? Many do, it's quite a common kink to have. The idea of watching yourself and your partner from different angles and to see yourself in a different way than with no mirrors, can be very sexy. Usually ones will masturbate in front of a mirror to see themselves from a different perspective. Especially for women, watching themselves masturbate with a magnifying mirror can be very arousing and educational at the same time. You can't ever see down there like you can when holding a mirror. Many women have not even given themselves a good look at their vaginas and they really should.

To see your fingers sliding in and out of yourself, or your swollen clit, or the wetness oozing out of yourself, the post orgasmic contractions, these are all things you really should see for yourself, if not on a regular basis, at least a few times. The use of mirrors on bedroom ceilings is a perfect example. Some hotels have that, but some canopied beds also feature a mirror on the top of them for maximum visual arousal. Some people have sex in dressing rooms for the three way mirrors, you can angle them just how you want and see limitless versions of yourself when the mirrors are angled just so.

It can be a horrifying experience if you aren't in the best shape as well, all the cellulite on display at many angles is not a fun thing, certain parts look best when not in jiggle mode! Men are more visual than the ladies, this is no shocker, so it's not uncommon they may wish to employ a mirror in the bedroom. Some men even when they are masturbating in front a mirror like to ejaculate on the mirror itself, men do crazy things, this is no surprise!

Having sex like this is likely something you wouldn't be doing each and every time, but once in a blue moon to spice things up, it can be a bit of a different experience. Perhaps as you're getting older and the looks and body parts have had time gravity take their toll this isn't the thing to do, but when younger, it can be interesting. If you look too bad, you can always turn out the lights, and forget the mirrors. Having sex in front of mirrors isn't just for narcissists!

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