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Once in a while a caller will actually just say, "Moan for me."

Most people calling phone sex lines are obviously seeking naughty conversations, but once in a while a caller will actually just say, "Moan for me." Now that seems simple enough really, but when they want that and nothing but for longer than say five minutes, like twenty or more minutes, breathing that way and making those sounds can honestly make you feel like you are on the verge of passing out. Lots of guys love the sounds of sex, they are forever tapping their naughty bits on the phone for us to hear, or the skin flapping against their hand, so they love the sex sounds.

Some just want sucking sounds, a large magic marker kept next to the phone can come in handy for sucking on and it's easier than the prolonged moaning that some get off on. It's incredible they don't want elaborate fantasies described, or you relating a dirty encounter, they simply want sounds, which is honestly what you'd be hearing if you were really having sex with anther person, so it's not outside the normal desires, but can be challenging for the operator on a prolonged basis.

Some are so consumed with heavy breathing and moans, it's all they want. Most callers are fairly quiet, it likely stems from the fact they were trying to be undiscovered when they were growing up and masturbating and lacking privacy, so complete silence is their norm, but they do not want silence from the ladies they are with, they revel in every gasp, scream and moan and sucking sound to simulate the sounds of oral sex, it just takes them away from their momentary reality, and makes them seem like they are actually having that hot, unbridled sex with someone.

The sex sounds can be very arousing with some callers, not many, but some just sound really good, others quite terrifying as they yell out their murderous roars as in the throes of death that sound so frightening your pets look up to see where the awful sound is coming from as you hold the phone away from your ear. No two people sound alike in their orgasmic sounds, or their breathing sounds, and what might turn one off, would get another very excited, it's all really quite subjective. So the next time you're with someone in person and having sex with them or just on the phone, really pay attention to their sounds and see how they differ from others you've heard, it's quite unique.

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