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My spanking job.

The Things We Do For Money - When I was in college I was very short on money, many times I had no idea how I was going to pay my tuition and continue taking classes, but I always found a way. One of the most grim times I had when I was literally looking for anything to make money, a bizarre opportunity came up and I didn't have the willpower to turn it down even though it was a bit odd and many girls wouldn't consider such a thing. I saw a very neatly hand printed ad looking for "young college girls with open minds." My curiosity got the better of me since the pay was quite high considering how brief a period of time it was for, the old if it seems too good to be true line certainly came to mind, but I had to check it out if there might be some hope of it paying for me to be able to stay in school and get my degree.

Unusual Man - I called the number on the bottom of the ad and inquired what the position was that paid so much for so little time, it stated a hundred dollars an hour. He told me he had a spanking fetish and he couldn't share this with his conservative wife, there was no way she'd ever want any involvement in anything like this and he had to seek out someone that would indulge him. He said he didn't want to have sex with me, this was no sex for hire scheme, he only wanted to spank me, bare bottomed, a couple of times a week. He had a rented room where he would be doing this, he assured me there would be no danger, nothing to worry about, but I'd have to let him spank me, and hard and this was to be kept totally confidential, I wouldn't be able to tell my friends, post about it on social media, nothing, this was private and must remain so. Would I agree to these terms? I said I would meet him in a nearby coffee shop to get a better feel for him before I agreed to this. So we met.

The Meeting - This older, rather distinguished and conservative looking man in a suit stuck out like a sore thumb and I knew it had to be him. I walked over to him and introduced myself and he did the same and even though he was a complete stranger, I somehow knew I could trust him. There was no air of danger about him, he just had a kink and had no one to live it out with in his real life and he was willing to pay handsomely for someone to play with, it was as simple as that. I felt comfortable enough with him after meeting him that I agreed to go to his rented room his wife knew nothing about for our first session. He was in a suit and tie, and I was in a mini skirt and a sweater. He told me to lift my skirt and pull down my panties and bend over and grasp my ankles. I could hear the floor creak as he walked towards me and then I felt a firm and hard slap against my round buttocks and the sound echoed throughout the room.

The Spanking - He asked if he'd hurt me, I said no, it was fine, I could take it. He then walked over to an overstuffed armchair and sat down and told me to lay across his lap. I could feel his sizable erection underneath me against my tummy, but he made no attempt to touch me inappropriately. He then pulled back his arm and spanked me over two dozen times. I knew I was going to have marks on me the next day, but I just thought of the money for less than an hours work and bit my lip. He said that was fine for today and I could get up and rearrange my clothes and go. There was an envelope with the hundred dollars in it by the door on a little side table. I pulled up my panties and pulled down my skirt and walked towards the door. As soon as I closed the door, I could hear him moaning, no doubt he had waited for me to leave before beginning to masturbate.

Punishment By Appointment - We'd exchanged numbers, and later on that very night he called to tell me what a good time he'd had and would I be available the day after next at the same time? I was actually, so depending on my class schedule, we met at one time or another and it was only ever a couple of days between spankings. My rear end would only get to the not too sore to sit on it phase when I'd get another call and it would be reddened up again with more spankings. Sometimes if he was really in a mood he'd use his leather belt instead of his bare hand and in those times he'd pay me one hundred and fifty dollars, so yes, it hurt more, but I was well compensated for my time and I was finally able to have the money I needed for classes without waiting tables for poor wages or working retail on my feet for hours on end. It might not be the most conventional way to earn money, but it worked for me.

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