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What is that noise?

When ones think of noises during sex, they would usually be thinking of the orgasmic screams of ecstasy, heavy breathing, moans, groans, grunts. There's more to it than that though, and many people are quite turned on by body rubbing, squishy sounds, some men for some reason think women want to hear them tap their erect penises on the phone like they are playing a drum, it's quite odd, yet common. Can I even count how many callers over the years have asked me to put the phone down between my legs to hear the wetness as I masturbated? That sound is such a turn on for many guys. Sucking sounds are also hugely popular and many girls will suck on their fingers or a thick magic marker to simulate that popular oral sex sound men love so much.

Men seem to be more easily amused and aroused by body noises, all I can think of is in school how they'd cup their hand under their armpit and make farting noises, so juvenile, yet the sounds of balls slapping against a woman as they have sex with her, the wetness sounds, these can get the majority of men going pretty quickly. For ones that enjoy being with larger women that have lots of flopping flesh, and yes there are certainly men into them, the flapping sounds of the flesh can also be very sexy to some.

Some men are into the vaginal farting noises known as queefing, where trapped air makes a farting like sound with vigorous sex. Many women are embarrassed at such noises, but there's nothing a woman can do to stop it and some men do find it cute and funny. Not everyone is into porn or the many visually stimulating things, and sounds can make it more fulfilling for them sexually. The wetness sound is the one callers talk the most about, how much it gets them turned on.

Spanking sounds are also much requested noises they like you to make to imagine you getting spanked on the bum. You can often hear them whacking their own behinds as you clap your hands together to get them in the mood. Some will use belts, the back of a wooden hairbrush handle, the hard smacks really bring them back to a time of corporal punishment and it can get them very hard to relive some of those memories. Certain sounds can snap us back to another time, another place and if a fond memory, make us want to relive or reenact that memory.

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