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The Allure of the Older Woman

One common fantasy man callers like to roleplay on the phone is the older woman, either a teacher scenario, or a neighbour lady, or a friend of their mother’s they always had the hots for. Even when they themselves are no longer young, these women they met decades ago and that are no longer even in their lives, they really left an impression on them and they think about them to this day as they masturbate. They often will want the operator to go along and pretend they are acting out some scenario they wish would have happened they cannot stop thinking about.

It's amazing how a brief moment decades ago can have such a longstanding impression on someone, either triggering a fetish or just some brief exchange, a comment, something so mild the other person might not even recall it, but to the person involved, it is a turning point of sorts in their sexuality. Fantasizing that teacher they liked so much retained them after class and then they ended up doing them over the desk, or the friend of their mother’s that came looking for her and she was out and they ended up teaching them the finer points in bed when they had some time to kill.

Visiting their friends homes and perhaps stealing a pair of the friends mother’s panties when they used the bathroom and saw a pair peeking out of the hamper they masturbated with and hoped the panties would not be missed or noticed. All sorts of confessions and stories like this do you hear from these men telling you of these long ago women that shaped their fantasies. They often have no one else to share these memories with, so they call up phone sex girls and share their intimate secrets with.

Many wish they had gotten the chance to be with an older woman their first time that could teach them all the naughty lessons they so wanted to learn, it's a common fantasy and some are lucky enough to find the right older woman, others it will remain only a fantasy and they will always be with girls and women their own age, no cougar for them. It is a wonderful fantasy though, and many older women are very interested in the younger men as well and would be very eager teachers to the curious lads. We love to hear your fantasies and past experiences, your secrets are safe with us!

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